IPL Winning Prize 2024, Money List, Final Prize Money, Check

This time, the IPL is becoming very exciting. All the teams have played brilliant innings, and in this way, in the end, the teams of Hyderabad and Kolkata Knight Riders have managed to make their place in the final. Whichever team wins this final match, that team will get a shining trophy as well as a very hefty IPL Winning Prize in 2024. But in the meantime, the team that loses this IPL final match will also be no less rich. Now that it remains to be seen which team will win this match, you will get to know about this in tonight’s match.

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IPL Winning Prize 2024

Let us tell you that the match between Hyderabad and KKR to be held this evening will be held at the Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai. Now, which team will win between Hyderabad and Kolkata Knight Riders? But before that, let us find out how much IPL Winning Prize 2024 the team that wins the IPL title is going to receive. BCCI has allocated Rs 46.5 crore as prize money for this 17th season. Now it remains to be seen who gets how much.

IPL 2024 Overview

Match name IPL 2024
Article Title IPL Winning Prize 2024
Championship team Prize Money 20 crore Rs.
Second winner team Prize Money 13 crore Rs.
Final season teams Kolkata knight riders

Sunrisers Hyderabad

First IPL match year 2008
South Africa T20 final prize money 15 crore Rs.


IPL Winning Prize 2024
IPL Winning Prize 2024

IPL 2024 Prize Money List

Let me inform you that not only lakhs but crores of rupees are spent by BCCI on the players playing in the IPL as the IPL Winning Prize 2024. Do you know how much prize money the players who win the title in the IPL get? You are going to get information about this through the IPL 2024 Prize Money List.

In the IPL, the team that wins the championship title gets a good amount of prize money up to the fourth position. In such a situation, let us tell you how rich the team is and which number will be on the IPL 2024 Prize Money List.

IPL 2024 Prize Money

Out of the total Rs 46.5 crores released by BCCI as prize money for the 17th season, the winning team will receive Rs 20 crore as IPL 2024 Prize Money, while the losing team, i.e., the runner-up team, will be paid an amount of Rs 13 crore. IPL 2024 Prize Money The teams finishing third and fourth will be given Rs 7 crore and Rs 6.5 crore, respectively.

Now we will inform you further about how much money the Purple Cap Orange Cap winner will get. For which you will have to stay with us till the end.

IPL 2024 Prize Money Winner

If there is any most popular game in the world, then it is only the IPL. The IPL was played for the first time in 2008. Since then, its popularity has increased year after year. Who will be the IPL 2024 Prize Money Winner? It can be either Sunrisers Hyderabad or Kolkata Knight Riders.

The IPL Winning Prize 2024 varies depending on getting different ranks. Let us tell you that among the teams playing the final in the first season of the IPL, the winning team got Rs 4.8 crore as the IPL 2024 Prize Money Winner. According to this, this amount has increased almost four times.

IPL 2024 Prize Money Prediction

Let us tell you that last year also, the team that won the title of the Championship IPL, i.e., Chennai Super Kings, received Rs 20 crore; thus, in accordance with the IPL 2024 Prize Money Prediction, this amount will remain the same this year as well. You should know that such a huge amount is not given in the different T20 leagues played in any country around the world.

Under the IPL 2024 Prize Money Prediction, only the winning team of Rs 15 crore in South Africas SA20 League is given. You will get to know who is going to receive the IPL Winning Prize 2024, which is proposed to be Rs 20 crore, only in tonight’s match.

IPL 2024 Final Prize Money

Only one match on the league stage was played this season, and it was between KKR and SRH. While in the playoffs, both teams faced each other in a match. With the aim of getting the IPL 2024 Final Prize Money, in the league stage match, the Kolkata Knight Riders team defeated Sunrisers Hyderabad by a narrow margin of four runs. In the playoff match for the IPL Winning Prize 2024, KKR won by eight wickets.

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