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WhatsApp gave a statement in the Delhi High Court that if it is forced to go to India, it will pack its bags from India. And if this happens, millions of WhatsApp users in India can suffer a big loss. You must also be shocked to hear news like WhatsApp being banned in India.

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Yes, we are talking about a decision by WhatsApp in which WhatsApp has given a warning to leave India, although we will tell you further in this article about the reason behind this. For which you will have to come with us till the end of this article.

WhatsApp Banned in India News

Now a question must be coming to your mind: why is WhatsApp talking about being banned from India? The main reason behind this is that the Government of India wants that, if needed, companies should track the message and tell its source, and its information should be given to the Government of India.

But in this context, WhatsApp has said that this can put the privacy of people at risk; if WhatsApp breaks its message encryption, then a platform like WhatsApp will be closed. According to WhatsApp Banned in India news, Tejas Karia, the lawyer representing WhatsApp in the Delhi High Court, clarified that if we break the end-to-end encryption, then WhatsApp will have to bid farewell to India. Let’s know what the whole matter is. which stay with us till the end of the article.

WhatsApp Band Hai 2024 Overview

Article Title WhatsApp Banned in India news
New rule IT Act 2021
Platform name Whatsapp
WhatsApp shutting down in India reason It is forced to break chat encryption in the near future.
WhatsApp prohibited country China
Where is the case pending between the Indian Government and WhatsApp Delhi highcourt
WhatsApp threats If it was enforced to break chat encryption in the near future then it can be the last day of WhatsApp in India


WhatsApp Banned in India News
WhatsApp Banned in India News

Why WhatsApp is Banned

According to the rules issued by WhatsApp, it is illegal to reveal the identity of the source of any message and to track it. In such a situation, directing it to follow the IT Rules 2021 and breaking its end-to-end encryption would be against the fundamental right to privacy of the user.

Information will be given to you further in the context of your question, Why WhatsApp is Banned. So you guys read this article till the end. So that you can get every piece of information about WhatsApp in depth. On the other hand, if we take the side of the Government of India, it is clear that it is necessary to trace the message to get rid of content like fake news and hate speech. Because the government believes that the social media platform is responsible for any type of online fraud.

WhatsApp News Alert Today

A report published by the Times of India states that the IT Rules 2021 were issued by the Central Government, and on February 25, 2021, various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp were directed to strictly follow this rule.

According to WhatsApp News Alert Today, WhatsApp has filed a petition in the High Court challenging this rule of the government. That is, a legal battle has begun between WhatsApp and the government. In such a situation, news like WhatsApp being banned in India is bound to be broadcast.

WhatsApp Banned in India News Today

WhatsApp has claimed that the Government of India has directed it to comply with the IT Rules 2021. The end-to-end encryption feature added by WhatsApp breaks the message in such a way that it is visible only to the sender and the reader. WhatsApp has claimed that this keeps the consumer’s privacy intact. WhatsApp Banned in India According to the news, WhatsApp has made it clear in the argument given by it in the Delhi High Court today that the order of the Government of India is putting its end-to-end encryption and its benefits at risk. In such a situation, under the information WhatsApp Banned in India News Today, WhatsApp has demanded from the Delhi High Court that pressure not be put on it. Otherwise, according to WhatsApp Banned in India News Today, it may have to leave India.

WhatsApp banned news today

Under WhatsApp Banned News Today by the Government of India, it has been clearly stated that the Centre itself has the right to create a safe cyberspace and ban all illegal content by itself or through law enforcement agencies. The Centre clarified in court that various social media platforms are bound to give complete information to the Government of India under Rule 4(2) of Section 87 of the IT Act. Because the government has been empowered by this rule.

Under WhatsApp Banned News Today, the government has recommended WhatsApp implement this rule because it is very important to stop fake news and potential crimes related to women and children. Regarding WhatsApp banned in India news, the central government has clarified that if a platform cannot trace the source without breaking its encryption, then it will have to do this as part of its duty.

WhatsApp Banned in Hindi

Regarding the WhatsApp banned in India news, the Delhi High Court has clarified that the matter will be heard in August 2024. This is because many other petitions have also been filed in this regard in different high courts across the country.

After a brief debate in different high courts across the country, according to the WhatsApp banned in Hindi news, the high court called for a balance and issued the date of August 14 for the hearing. The High Court has said in its statement that a balance has to be made somewhere in the right to privacy.

To know all about WhatsApp Banned in Hindi, you have to visit the official WhatsApp portal. Or you will go to the official portal of the IT Department of the Government of India.

Latest News on WhatsApp Ban

WhatsApp and the Government of India made some big statements on their behalf to present their respective sides, according to which WhatsApps lawyer clarified that the IT Rule 2021 issued by the government under the Latest News on WhatsApp Ban violates the fundamental rights of consumers as well as weakens them.

According to the latest news on WhatsApp bans, there is no country in the world where there is such a rule. WhatsApp told its side that according to this rule of the government, we will have to keep a whole chain, in which we will have to store crores of messages for years.

On the other hand, Advocate Kirtiman Singh, a lawyer for the Government of India, clarified that the main objective of our guideline is to trace the source of the message. If this IT Rule 2021 is not implemented, then agencies will face a lot of problems in tracing the source of fake messages. Which is likely to cause disturbances in peace and harmony. Under WhatsApp Banned in India news, it is clear that the Internet should be open, safe, and trusted, and the platform should be accountable to consumers.

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